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Sensorcn Technology Co. Ltd.  is an motion sensor electrical design, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Sensorcn Technology Co., Ltd. since its establishment, has set up a professional technical development and market sales team is committed to providing a variety of induction electronic product design and production services for customers.

Sensorcn Technology Co., release the field of infrared motion, gas, photoelectron, temperature, ultrasonic and vibration in the specific heat mature technology development, solutions and production experience. Follow the pace of social development, science and Technology Co., Ltd. will continue Sensorcn enterprising innovation, develop new products and expand the product line, meet customers high middle and low grade products of different needs.

At the same time, Sensorcn Technology Co。 Ltd。 for Zion market construction technology development and design of product supply three-in-one service model, high standard products supply management services to provide professional services for global customers, staff technology, the quality of the products。

For the future, Sensorcn Technology Co。 Ltd。 will continue to increase R & D investment, innovation first, always take the customer demand as the center, and strive to become the majority of electronic manufacturers of high-quality partners。 Sensorcn all colleagues, by speeding up the informationization construction company, with a customer to build the core competitiveness of the sensor field, together to create electronic appliance industry leader。


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